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Diagnostics and certification of objects

In the course of diagnostics and certification, we collect and then systematize technical data about the artificial structure. The customer receives reliable and up-to-date information about the facility, which can later be used to plan and organize maintenance and repair work.

We also carry out diagnostics of the structure after a major overhaul: we clarify the technical condition after the work performed, make adjustments to the object's data bank, correct the technical passport.

Our experience

For 20 years of work, we have issued and defended more than 200 passports of artificial structures for customers:

  • Bridge structures on public roads of regional or intermunicipal importance, belonging to the property of the Kaliningrad region
  • Artificial structures at the facility: “Construction and reconstruction of st. Gaidar - st. Chelnokova - st. Consent - Sovetsky pr. In Kaliningrad
  • Pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Glory Avenue and Belgradskaya Street. in St. Petersburg

Technical base

In our work we use the latest technologies, modern measuring and construction equipment and software.

  • Satellite geodetic devices including SmartStation class.
  • Concrete cover and paint equipment meters
  • Devices for determining the strength of concrete
  • Electronic rangefinders