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Report of D. Nazarov at SSUGiT, Novosibirsk

On April 27 at the Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies SSUGiT, Novosibirsk, at the Department of Engineering Geodesy and Mine Surveying, a seminar was held on the construction of the 4th road bridge across the Ob River.

The participants of the seminar - 4th year students, post-graduate students, as well as the teaching staff, - listened to the report of the head of the department of engineering geodesy of LLC "Bridge Bureau" D.G. Nazarov. on the topic: “Geodetic support of the construction of a bridge over the Ob river in the alignment of Ippodromskaya street in Novosibirsk ". The report highlighted the main stages of construction, as well as geodetic support using modern measuring instruments.