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Congratulations on Russia Day!

The greatness and power of our country causes awe and respect. Let there be a place in the soul of every citizen for love for their Motherland. Our country is a great power, a reliable stronghold with a rich history that gives us, the children of our country, strength for great achievements and faith in a wonderful future!
May the generosity of the Russian land bring prosperity and comfort, peace and harmony to every home!
We wish you all peace, goodness and prosperity!

Where does Russia start from?
From the Kuriles? From Kamchatka? Or with the Commandor?
What are her steppe eyes sad about
Over the reeds of all her lakes?
Russia starts with passion
to work, to patience, to truth, to kindness.
That's where her star lies. She is wonderful!
It burns and shines in the dark.
Hence all her great deeds,
Her unique destiny.
And if you are involved in it - Russia
It does not originate from the mountains, but from you!

Viktor Bokov