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About Us

Bridge Bureau LLC provides full technical support for construction: field supervision, construction control, inspection and testing of structures.

We maintain a high pace of construction and make sure that each solution is fully consistent with the strategy of our customers.


  • Based on the ISO 9001 QMS, we have developed our own quality control system and regulated all internal processes. This improves the interaction of all participants in the construction and guarantees the transparency of the work at any stage.
  • Our services work proactively and identify possible shortcomings and defects already at the stage of operational control, the contractor immediately receives recommendations for improving the quality of work - and as a result, the final process of delivery and acceptance of work is faster.
  • We carefully plan all business processes: we work out the requirements of each technical assignment and calculate in detail the scope of work, attracting specialists of the highest level for this.
  • At any time of the day we advise the customer on the quality control of construction and installation works throughout the entire process of project implementation. We are always in touch with the construction participants, and the customer promptly receives information about the situation at the facility.
  • We understand that modern society needs comfortable cities and regions with efficient transport systems. Our specialists adopt successful foreign experience and use it in new facilities, fulfilling all customer requirements at every stage of the project.
  • We work in all regions of Russia and in neighboring countries on road, industrial and civil construction.


The company has over 100 employees, including engineers, designers, scientists, construction specialists and managers. They are our main value and form the reputation of Bridges Bureau LLC.

We set high standards in our work and support them. All employees of the Mostovoy Bureau are graduates of leading technical universities in Russia and specialists with an average of more than 5 years of experience in infrastructure facilities. Information about our specialists in the organization of construction, organization of architectural and construction design and organization of engineering surveys is included in:

  • National Register of Specialists NOSTROY;
  • National Register of Specialists NOPRIZ.
Dmitriy Vasilevich
General Director
Pavel Ilich
Deputy General Director (production)
Kirill Vladimirovich
Chief accountant
Aleksandr Valerevich
Head of construction control group
Mihail Sergeevich
Head of construction control group
Aleksandr Anatolyevich
Head of construction control group
Anton Olegovich
Lead Supervision Engineer
(Head of construction control group)
Denis Valerevich
Head of production
Vasily Grigorevich
Head of Department of engineering geodesy
Petr Nikolaevich
Occupational health and safety specialist
Lyudmila Vladimirovna
Head of the testing laboratory
Oleg Nikolaevich
Deputy General Director (development)


  • Bridge Bureau LLC includes two of its own testing laboratories.
  • The scope of certification of testing laboratories includes testing of materials and structures, soils and bases, waterproofing materials, paints and varnishes, ultrasonic testing, etc.
  • The complex of equipment for testing laboratories includes more than 200 items.


Fourth place in the rating of the best companies in the field of TPA and investment feasibility studies at the end of 2019

Included in the list of "Technical consultants and experts carrying out financial and technical monitoring of infrastructure projects of Gazprombank JSC"


Accreditation in PJSC "Sberbank" for the provision of services for the technical expertise and monitoring of infrastructure projects

We enter the register of specialized companies of the State Corporation "VEB.RF" in the direction of Engineering

Accreditation in PJSC "SIBUR Holding" in the direction of "Special directions / special sections"

We are included in the register of potential contractors of JSC "Stroytransgaz"



  • Construction, reconstruction, overhaul under a construction contract concluded using competitive methods of concluding contracts, including in relation to especially dangerous, technically complex and unique capital construction projects (except for nuclear facilities).
  • Preparation of design documentation for capital construction facilities under a work contract concluded using competitive methods of concluding contracts for capital construction facilities (except for especially dangerous, technically complex and unique facilities, facilities for using atomic energy).
  • Engineering surveys under a construction contract concluded using competitive methods of concluding contracts, including in relation to especially dangerous, technically complex and unique capital construction projects (except for nuclear facilities).