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Congratulations on the Constitution Day!

Twenty years ago, on December 12, 1993, a new Constitution was adopted in Russia - the Basic Law, designed to meet the interests of a multinational people, the principles of their equality and self-determination. The main law by which our country and each of its citizens lives is not just a symbol of national unity, but also a guarantee of strengthening the economic and social stability of Russia, its further successful development and growth of authority in the global space.
Giving us rights and freedoms, the Constitution requires strict observance of duties, understanding that the future well-being of our country depends only on us. This means that we must rationally use natural resources, work, develop an innovative economy, and contribute to strengthening the institutions of civil society. And then our country will always be a strong, respected world power!
We wish you health, kindness, prosperity and success in all your endeavors! Happy holiday!