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Congratulations on the day of the first Victory Parade!

Congratulations on the day of the first victory parade!

77 years ago, the last volleys of the Great Patriotic War died down. Our people had to pay a huge price for the victory, but these sacrifices were not in vain. Victory was forged at the front and in the rear, by men and women, children and the elderly. It was the greatest feat of the people. And the first victory parade, held on June 24, 1945, became the main symbol of the coming peace, an event that finally put an end to this terrible and valiant page in our history.

On this day, we address our warmest congratulations and words of gratitude to our veterans and home front workers. Low bow and gratitude to the generation of winners. Health to you, long life and good spirits!

We wish you happiness, prosperity, faith in yourself and a peaceful sky above your head!