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Author's supervision

Author's supervision is a part of construction control, which is carried out by the person who prepared the design and, on its basis, working documentation. This type of control is carried out in order to ensure that the technical solutions and technical and economic indicators of capital construction projects put into operation comply with the decisions and indicators provided for in the approved project documentation.
Author's supervision is a set of actions carried out visually and documentarily and aimed at determining the compliance of urban planning, architectural, planning, artistic, technical, technological and environmental decisions and actions carried out by the contractor in the process of erecting a construction object, the decisions made in the detailed design of the construction object and fixed in the documentation.

Supervision is regulated by SP 246.1325800.2016 “Code of Rules. Regulations on architectural supervision of the construction of buildings and structures"


The main tasks of author's supervision are:

  • Control over the compliance of construction and installation works with the design and working documentation developed on its basis;
  • Timely resolution of all technical issues related to the design and working documentation developed on its basis that arise during the construction process;
  • Resolving issues related to making changes to the working documentation and (or) project documentation, the need for which was revealed during the construction process, in the amount, procedure and terms established by the contract for the performance of design and survey work or an additional agreement to this contract. 

The order of organization of author's supervision:

  • Architectural supervision is carried out on the basis of an agreement (contract) concluded between the developer, customer, technical customer and designer;
  • When carrying out architectural supervision by several design organizations, the general designer appoints an authorized coordinator of the activities of all representatives who carry out architectural supervision;
  • Appointment of a manager and specialists responsible for direct supervision within the AS group is made by order of the organization and brought to the attention of the general designer and developer;
  • Specialists who carry out architectural supervision go to the construction site within the time specified by the schedule, as well as on a special call from the developer;
  • According to a reasonable and agreed decision of the developer (technical customer) and the general designer, the permanent presence of the architectural supervision group at the construction site can be established;
  • Specialists traveling as part of a design supervision group are given a task to carry out design supervision of construction;
  • When exercising architectural supervision over the construction of buildings and structures, a journal of architectural supervision is maintained
  • Interaction between the design supervision group and the customer (design organization) is carried out according to the agreed regulations.


  • Based on the results of visiting the construction site, the specialists of the Academy of Sciences group draw up reports on the work done, which provide the following information:
  • List of surveyed structural elements and types of work;
  • List of signed acts of intermediate acceptance of critical structures and certificates of examination of hidden works;
  • The list of defects identified during the examination of structures and works, their causes, the significance of defects, the possibility of their elimination;
  • Changes that it is advisable to make to the working documentation;
  • Consultations provided to representatives of the developer (technical customer) and the general contractor;
  • Problematic Issues Revealed in the Course of Architectural Supervision
  • Copies of the journal of author's supervision, minutes of meetings, other documents;
  • Information about work performed at the facility that is not provided for by the task is indicated in the special section "additional work".

Key projects of architectural supervision

  • Birzhevoy bridge across the river. Malaya Neva
  • Bridge over the Volga River in Kazan
  • Construction of the highway "Western high-speed diameter in St. Petersburg" under the section "Temporary flyovers and work sites in the waters of the Neva Bay" and "Bridge over the Petrovsky Canal".
  • Overhaul of the overpass across the railway at km 1290+673 of the M-18 Kola highway from St. Petersburg through Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Pechenega to the border with Norway (Borisoglebsk international automobile checkpoint)
  • Bridge crossing over the Golden Horn Bay in the city of Vladivostok on the highway connecting the federal highway M-60 "Ussuri" Khabarovsk-Vladivostok with Russky Island
  • Automobile road New - De Vries Peninsula - Sedanka - Patroclus Bay with a low-water bridge (flyover) De - Vries - Sedanka on the section of the De-Vries Peninsula - Sedanka with a low-water bridge (flyover).
    Bank protection and landscaping of the embankment