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Geodetic works and preparation of project of geodetic works perfomance

The department of engineering geodesy is part of the construction control and technical supervision groups and provides verification of the geometric parameters of the structures under construction. All employees of the department have extensive experience of practical work at the objects of the transport infrastructure of Russia, they are constantly updating and improving their knowledge.

The complex of geodetic works includes:

  • topographic surveys of the area on a scale of 1: 500, 1: 1000, 1: 2000 for creating digital engineering and topographic plans of the area;
  • engineering and geodetic works for projects of construction, reconstruction, repair of roads, bridges and structures;
  • creation of geodetic reference networks and planning-high-altitude justification of filming works;
  • creation of a geodetic alignment base (GDO) for the construction of artificial structures, roads and railways;
  • geotechnical monitoring of buildings and structures;

taking out projects for the construction of roads and railways, buildings and structures.

Technical base

  • Geodetic GLONASS / GPS receivers - provide centimeter positioning accuracy.
  • Electronic total stations Sokkia.
  • Digital level Trimble DiNi 0.3 with a set of invar rods.
  • Optical levels Setl.
  • Leica Geo office software, Credo Data, Credo level, Magnet Tools, AutoCad Civil.

Our experience

  • Engineering support and supervision over the construction of a bridge over the Golden Horn Bay;
  • Geodetic control over the construction of a traffic intersection on the Pirogovskaya embankment at the exit from the Sampsonievsky bridge to St. Petersburg;
  • Geodetic control and supervision of the construction of the low-water bridge (4.5 km) De Vries-Sedanka in the Primorsky Territory;
  • Geodetic control over the construction of the 4th road bridge over the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk;
  • Geodetic control over the construction of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter highway in St. Petersburg (stages IV and V).