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Artificial structures, and especially large and out-of-class bridges, are subject to enormous loads that have a negative impact on structures. Among them: wind, precipitation, strong currents and waves, seismic shocks, transport load, daily change in air temperature and solar radiation.

We organize a full range of measures to monitor the state of individual elements and structures as a whole, both at the construction stage and during operation. We control the geometric parameters of structures in accordance with the design documentation and regulatory documents. We ensure the safety of their construction and further operation.

The time and features of the survey depend on the type of structure and its condition. After a full cycle of measurements, we process the data and digitize it. As a result, the customer receives complete information about the current state of the object, data on deformations, displacements, deviations from the design or previous state.

Technical base

  • optical high-precision levels - determine vertical settlements;
  • electronic total stations - determine horizontal and vertical displacements;
  • GPS satellite receivers - determine horizontal and vertical offsets;
  • rangefinders - determine horizontal displacements;
  • tilt sensors, accelerometers, strain gauges, slot meters and other means.