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Feedback on the work of the laboratory of non-destructive testing «Mostovoye bureau» LLC

In accordance with the agreements: No. 63 (LLC StroyTransGroup) dated July 30, 2017, No. 65 (LLC Spetsgidromontazh) dated November 13, 2017 and No. 68 (LLC STALSTROYMONTAZH) ) from 06.09.2018 for the period from March 2017 to the present non-destructive testing laboratory of "Mostovoye bureau" LLC has conducted and is conducting ultrasonic testing of welded mounting joints of the main beams of span structures at section No. 8 of the Moscow-St. Petersburg High-Speed Toll Road: Overpass at exit No. 3 (roundabout at the intersection of HSTR with the Ring Road around St. Petersburg); Overpass through the railway lines of the Warsaw direction at exit No. 4 (interchange at the intersection of the HSTR and Ring Road around St. Petersburg); Overpass on picket 6753 + 10 on the railway of the Vitebsk direction; Road bridge across the Izhora River at picket 6634 + 83.6.

The laboratory has Certification (Attestation certificate of the laboratory by "RASEC" LLC No. 52A053190 dated November 10, 2017), certified specialists of the II level of qualification.

All conclusions of LNK LLC "Mostovoy bureau" (retest of 20% of the volume of work performed on ultrasonic testing) are confirmed by specialists of the engineering company "SEST", certified in ultrasonic testing.