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Surveys, tests, diagnostics and certification of artificial structures

Our specialists carry out inspection, diagnostics, testing and certification of all types of bridge structures.

Survey types:

  • Primary (pre-launch) inspection of a newly built structure.
  • Periodic examination.
    As a rule, it is carried out with a frequency of 1 time in 5 years, in order to assess the technical condition of the structure, verify the compliance of the structures with the established requirements and make changes to the database.
  • Diagnostics of bridge structures after overhaul.
    It is carried out in order to clarify the technical condition of the structure after repair work, to enter these clarifications into the data bank and to correct the technical passport. Reporting documentation - clarifications in the technical passport of the bridge structure.
  • Pre-project survey.
    Mandatory survey before drawing up the terms of reference for the design of repair, overhaul or reconstruction of the bridge structure.
    It is carried out in order to determine the maintainability of its elements and collect the necessary information for the development of the project, the adoption of the correct strategy for the modernization of the structure.
  • Special unscheduled examinations, incomplete examinations.
    In the course of inspection, diagnostics and certification, we collect and then systematize the technical data on the artificial structure. The customer receives reliable and up-to-date information about the object, which can later be used for planning and organizing maintenance and repair work.

We carry out running-in, static and dynamic tests of artificial structures. This makes it possible to determine the actual stress-strain states of the structure, its stresses and forces, and then compare the obtained full-scale measurements with the calculated ones.

Technical base

We have at our disposal more than 50 tools and devices necessary for accurate and high-quality testing of structures: electronic levels, deflection meters, strain gauges, vibration analyzers, seismic analyzers.

  • Satellite geodetic instruments, including the SmartStation class.
  • Concrete protective layer meters and paintwork equipment
  • Devices for determining the strength of concrete
  • Electronic rangefinders

Our experience:

Over 20 years of work, we have examined more than 200 structures in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan. Among them are a large number of unique and technically complex objects:

  • Drawbridges across the Neva in St. Petersburg.
  • Combined and road bridges in the North-West and Far East of Russia.
  • Road bridges across the Tvertsa River in Torzhok.
  • Road bridge No. 4 across the Staraya Pregolya river and a road bridge over the Novaya Pregolya river in Kaliningrad.
  • Bridge across the Nara River in Naro-Fominsk.
  • Bridge over the Kolyma River.
  • Bridge crossing over the Golden Horn Bay and a low-water bridge in Vladivostok.
  • Road bridge across the river. Volga in Tver (Eastern bridge).
  • Bridge structures on public roads of regional or intermunicipal significance, belonging to the property of the Kaliningrad region
  • Artificial structures at the facility: “Construction and reconstruction of st. Gaidar - st. Chelnokov - st. Consent - Sovetsky pr. in Kaliningrad
  • Pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Slavy avenue with Belgradskaya st. in St. Petersburg
  • Elevated pedestrian crossings on sections of the Tallinn Highway in St. Petersburg;
  • Highway Novy settlement - De-Vries peninsula - Sedanka - Patrokl bay with a low-water bridge, Primorsky Territory;
  • Bridge crossing on the street. Stakhanovskaya - Willow on the site of st. Startseva - r. Iva, the first launch complex in Perm.
  • Railway bridge on the Mezhdurechensk-Taishet section of the Krasnoyarsk railway;
  • Bridge over the Yagorba River in Cherepovets.

Our partners:

Design institutes: Institute Giprostroymost - St. Petersburg JSC, Stroyproekt Institute JSC, Transmost JSC, Lengiprotrans PJSC, Petersburg Roads CJSC;
Bridge construction companies: CJSC "Trest Lenmostostroy", CJSC "Pylon", LLC "Mostovik", LLC "Sevzapmostostroy", JSC "Western high-speed diameter";
Operating organizations: State Unitary Enterprise Mostotrest, bridge stations of RAO Russian Railways; engineering and research firms: CJSC PO Sevzapmostproekt, Research Institute of Bridges and Flaw Detection.