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In the period from June 2010 to July 2012, Bridge Bureau LLC carried out the entrance control of materials and structures of the cable-stayed parts (Contract No. 7-16 dated 10/01/2010), from October 2010 - ultrasonic inspection of welds (Contract No. 12 dated 10/01/2010), from November 2010 - geodetic control (Contract No. 7-18 dated November 22, 2010), from June 2010 - construction control over the production of works on the enlargement of cable-stayed blocks (Contract No. 7 -10/342 of June 01, 2010) and since July 2010 has been carrying out construction control in accordance with Contract No. 7-15 of July 01, 2010.  on the object: "Construction of a road in Novyy settlement - De-Freeze-Sedanka peninsula - Patrokl Bay with a low-water bridge (flyover) De Freeze-Sedanka on the site of the Free Fri-Sedanka peninsula with low-water bridge (flyover), Primorsky Krai" since October 2010 - ultrasonic inspection of welds (Contract No. 15 dated 10/01/2010).

The company has highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in the construction of artificial structures.Employees of Bridge Office Ltd. competently monitor the compliance of construction and installation works performed at the facility, the structures, products, materials, equipment supplied, with design solutions, the requirements of building codes, standards and technical conditions. 

Throughout our cooperation, there are no complaints or comments on the work of Bridge Bureau LLC.