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Feedback on the work of LLC «Bridge Bureau»

LLC "Bridge Bureau" performs a large amount of work on the construction of artificial structures in St. Petersburg and the region for SC ‘Institute-Giprostroymost - Saint-Petersburg’

Works include:

  • supervision of the construction of artificial structures (the second start-up complex for the construction of the Ring Road (lot №1,2));
  • design of artificial structures (development of working documentation to broaden the roadway of the bridge over the Veronda river, development of working documentation  m / k of the span between supports № 5-11 for the overpass from Dachny Prospect, development of working documentation and crossbars and pillars of the main road of the second stage of the  St. Petersburg Ring Road lot number 2);
  • inspection of buildings under construction, launch tests (M1 bridge in Astana);
  • survey of the technical condition of existing structures (the bridge of the 800th anniversary of Vologda across the Vologda River, the bridge across the Veronda River).

The specialists of the Bridge Bureau show professionalism in solving complex engineering problems. Works are performed in a short time and with high quality. There is good coordination between the design institute and construction organizations and various city departments involved in the construction process.

When solving problems, specialists of the Bridge Bureau apply modern methods of calculation and design of complex bridge structures. The project includes construction and construction materials produced by the best world bridge construction companies.