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Construction control and technical supervision in construction

The main goal of our work is to provide high quality construction. We control that the quality of work corresponds to the design and working documentation, as well as regulatory documents. We monitor the fulfillment of the customer's technical requirements, control each stage of work and thereby reduce construction risks. As a result, we help to save the budget and achieve the planned construction time.

Our achievments

We have something to be proud of. Over the years, we have carried out construction control and engineering support at many unique facilities in Russia and the near abroad:

  • "Bridge over the river Ob in alignment with st.Ippodromskaya city of Novosibirsk". The length of the main course of the route is 5.1 km, The number of traffic interchanges - 2, The number of artificial structures on the main course of the route - 3, The bridge across the Ob 'The total length of the bridge - 1555.23 m Construction period (2018 - 2023);
  • "Bypass of Khabarovsk km 13 - km 42". Construction length - 26.864 km, Number of traffic lanes - 4, Bridges and overpasses - 24 pcs. / 2,058.63 r.m., Traffic junctions at different levels - 5 pcs. ... Construction time (2019 - 2021);
  • A section of a public highway of regional or intermunicipal significance of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Korotchaevo-Krasnoselkup, including a bridge across the river Pur. The length of the route is 2716.22 m, the scheme of the structure is 84 + 8x105 + 84, the length of the structure is 1023.1 m The underbridge gauge is 100 m (2019 - 2020);
  • Crimean Bridge - Transport crossing over the Kerch Strait. Total length: - 19 km (18.1 km “railway bridge”, 16.9 km “road bridge”), Main span: - 227 m, number of traffic lanes: - 6 (4 cars and 2 railways). Construction time (2016 - 2020);
  • Creation of a dry cargo area of the seaport of Taman - Federally owned railway infrastructure facilities providing an approach to the transport passage through the Kerch Strait.  Construction time (2015 - 2020);
  • Western High-Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg. Our specialists were part of the quality control system of the Turkish - Italian company ICA ASTALDI - IC ictas WHSD insaat Anonim Sirketi, which was the contractor of the facility (2013-2017);
  • Bridge crossing over the river.Volkhov in Veliky Novgorod with a length of 904 m (2013);
  • Road bridge over the river Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk, 1273.35 m long (2012);
  • Low-water bridge across the Amur Bay in Vladivostok with a length of 5331 m (2010 ÷ 2012);
  • Cable-stayed bridge over the Zolotoy Rog Bay in Vladivostok with a central span of 737 m, a pylon height of 225 m and a bridge crossing length of 2.1 km (2008 ÷ 2012);
  • Bridges, junctions, overpasses and highways of Ashgabat in the national tourist zone "Avaza" of the Republic of Turkmenistan (2010 - 2012);
  • Artificial structures of the Ring Road around the city of St. Petersburg (2006 - 2010);

Technical base

  • Satellite geodetic devices of SmartStation class.
    Robotic SmartStations are combined with GPS receivers to provide unprecedented measurement accuracy with minimal effort.
  • Two own laboratories:
    Testing laboratory certified according to ISO / IEC 17025-2019.
    Non-destructive testing laboratory, which complies with the Unified Assessment System in the field of industrial, environmental, energy and construction safety. Laboratories test materials and structures, soils and bases, waterproofing materials, paint and varnish coatings, ultrasonic testing. The complex of their equipment includes more than 200 items: a digital sclerometer "Silver Schmidt PC" for determining the strength of concrete, a porometer for determining the volume of air entrained in a concrete mixture, a Raynger MT6 pyrometer and much more. For the purposes of construction control, independent laboratory posts are organized at construction sites.

Our approvals

Experts from testing laboratories regularly undergo advanced training and have all the necessary approvals:

  • Tolerances for work at height;
  • Occupational safety knowledge test certificates;
  • Admissions for knowledge of construction safety and the quality of work at technically complex and highly hazardous facilities;
  • Fire safety knowledge test certificates;
  • Certificates "Testing laboratory specialist".