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Construction audit and monitoring of investment projects (public-private partnership)

The Bridge Bureau provides services for financial and technical construction audit (FTA) and Financial and technical monitoring (FTM), which are instruments of financial control over the efficiency of investment implementation and protection of the interests of the customer (investor) of the project. During the audit, the parameters of pricing and the formation of the value of the object are analyzed at each stage of work. Checking the quality and volume of work performed, independent examination of project documentation and control over compliance with current legislation, comparison of the completed construction and installation work with the design and estimate documentation and the project budget.

  • “Construction of the Western High-Speed Diameter highway”. The fourth and fifth stages of construction (from the traffic intersection on the Yekateringofka river to the traffic intersection at the intersection with Bogatyrsky Prospekt) ”. Construction cost: 212.7 billion rubles, incl. investments 107.9 billion rubles. Customer: JSC "IJA ASTALDI - IJ ICHTASH VHSD INSHAAT ANONIM SHIRKETI".


  • "Bridge over the river. Nadym". Construction cost of the facility: 14 billion rubles. The construction cost of the Northern Latitudinal Railway is 134.3 billion rubles, of which private investments are 119.4 billion rubles. Customer: Branch of DB International GmbH.

  • "Construction of a section of a public highway of regional or intermunicipal significance of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug" Korotchaevo-Krasnoselkup ", including a bridge across the river. Pur ". Construction cost of the facility: RUB 9.3 billion of private investment. Customer: Regional Infrastructure Company LLC.


  • “Comprehensive development of the Murmansk transport hub. Objects of federal property. " The construction cost of the facility: 144.9 billion rubles, of which 89.3 billion rubles are private investment