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Test piles

Our company performs control tests of piles on the pressing load based on the wave theory of impact in accordance with section 8.4 of GOST 5686-2012 "Soils: Methods of field testing" using the PDR complex. The device consists of two combined strain gauges and accelerometers installed on the tested pile.

During the tests, data is recorded with frequency of 50,000 times per second, which is sent to the computer via a wireless WI-FI transmitter. As a result of the tests, the following parameters are determined using measured values ​​of deformations and accelerations:

  • the effective (transmitted) energy of the hammer;
  • efficiency of the hammer;
  • maximum compressive stresses during impact;
  • elastic and residual failure;
  • static bearing capacity of the pile.

The static load-bearing capacity of the pile is determined on the basis of an analysis of spreading of forward and backward waves of stresses and velocities along the pile.

The tool complex PDR is capable of carrying out the necessary measurements both on vertical and inclined piles. The bearing capacity of the pile can be determined for both solid and composite piles.