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Ultrasonic and laboratory testing

We carry out ultrasonic testing of welded joints of metals, fittings, pipe rolling and help to detect defects that can lead to weakening and destruction of structures. We use modern and high-precision ultrasonic flaw detectors, which perform research in a short time and without preliminary preparation. All work is carried out by qualified specialists of Mostovoy Bureau LLC with extensive experience of work at objects of varying degrees of complexity, so we are confident in the quality of control and guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Benefits of ultrasonic testing

  • Accuracy. Ultrasonic testing gives very accurate results even with a large thickness of the structures and materials under study.
  • Efficiency. Ultrasonic testing takes a minimum of time and does not require additional operations: sampling, preparation and adjustment of equipment, performing complex office work to obtain results.
  • Profitability. The costs for this method are much lower than for others.
  • Lack of destruction. Ultrasonic testing leaves no damage to the structure.

Our equipment

  • Flaw detector А1212 MASTER,
  • Flaw detector UD 2-140,
  • Scanner flaw detector - SKARUCH model.