The highway «Khabarovsk bypass, km 13 - km 42»

The highway «Khabarovsk bypass, km 13 - km 42»

Regional Infrastructure Company LLC

Time 01.01.2019 01.12.2020
Composition of the main works:

The works are carried out in accordance 
with terms of reference

Facility chracteristics:

The highway “Khabarovsk bypass, km 13 - km 42” is created as a toll road with the aim of bringing freight and transit traffic outside the city limits. Administratively, it passes through the territory of the city district "City of Khabarovsk" and the Khabarovsk district of the Khabarovsk Territory.

General characteristics:

  • main road length - 27114 m
  • number of lanes - 4
  • design speed - 120 km / h

Within this section of the highway will be implemented:

  • 24 artificial structures, of which: prefabricated reinforced concrete - 22 pcs., Monolithic reinforced concrete - 1 pc., Steel-reinforced concrete - 1 pc.
  • 3 bridges over waterways
  • 5 transport interchanges
  • 11 sections of intersected and adjoining roads
  • 1 cross-country ski run
  • 5 toll collection points

Works performed: Construction control of the works, initial check of the working and design documentation, control over the  executive technical documentation